Nontraditional by design

LOA is a relationship based firm.  We think of our patrons as both Clients and Business Partners.  As such, we are committed to understanding their needs and the implications these needs have on the project.  We are also committed to furthering our Clients' success both through our work and through any business development or introductions we may be able to provide.  This is where the LOA experience is truly different.  We remember that we would not be in business if it were not for you, our Clients.  We strive to understand your business, your Clients, your challenges, and apply that understanding to our work with you.

An Architectural degree with an education in problem solving

LOA was founded by M. Douglas Siekman, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP to provide a service and understanding missing in the traditional architectural practice.  This missing link was the impact of Mr. Siekman's unique background and experience from his start in a top tier boutique corporate interiors firm in Washington, DC followed by his role as an analyst at a major real estate consulting and facility planning firm to his ownership of a successful real estate development firm.  When he returned to the practice of mainstream architecture in 2007, it became obvious that something was missing.  That something was the entrepreneurial cross-discipline thinking required to be successful in the current market.  A builder, designer, artist, businessman, developer, entrepreneur...above all this experience has created a problem solver.  This concept is the driving force behind Level One Architects.  Bring us your challenges and together we will find solutions.