Workplace Architecture - Inspiring, functional, cost effective solutions to further your business.

The importance of the design, flow, and feel of a workplace cannot be underestimated.  Color, natural and artificial lighting, textures, and orientation have known implications on the human experience.  Though the use of this information is common in retail and restaurant design, it is often overlooked in corporate office architecture.  While the reason behind the design may be very important to the overall project program - budget, security, or adjacency - the implications can be devastating to a business.  At LOA, we realize we are creating an environment in which most professionals will spend at least 40% of their waking hours.   


Residential Architecture - Improving your quality of life and reflecting your dreams.

In the current housing market, we are seeing more families investing in their current homes instead of moving.  During our first meeting with a homeowner, we discuss the home owner's reason for wanting to renovate or add on to a property to be sure they are making the right decisions during the design process.  Confirming that our Clients are making informed decisions and that we are spending their money accordingly and responsibly is part of our core values. 


Feasibility/Marketing - Helping you invest your time and money wisely. 

Using our experience and technology, we can assist you in determining whether or not a project is in your best interests.  We can also assist you in creating the necessary materials to build consensus with investors, communities, and local jurisdictions prior to investing in the entire architectural package.



From time to time we receive requests for services that can only be classified as "other".  These are often the most interesting and challenging, and as such have become some of our favorites.  As per the "About" section of our website, Mr. Siekman has  a very unique background and welcomes the opportunity to think outside of the box.  Past assignments have included consulting, custom millwork design, marine millwork design, architectural salvage procurement, and tutoring of an architectural student.  Have an interesting project or challenge you would like to discuss?  Please give us a call!